Built for Living Difference

Built for Living Difference

Built for Living is the philosophy which guides our design planning for all our work and in particular for our own development projects whereby design functionality, practicality and the overall living experience of the end user is at the forefront of our designs and what we build.

Guided by this philosophy, our development projects are carefully thought through and designed with the end user in mind, with a strong emphasis on open free flowing living spaces, practical storage solutions, functional kitchen designs, and outdoor areas designed for outdoor living.

As a builder and when involved at the early design stage, we work closely with the designer and with our clients to ensure that design detail can be delivered on site to achieve the intended result. This thoroughness and our commitment to design and living excellence continues throughout the build where all design elements are carefully thought through to ensure that the high standard our clients expect throughout the build continues as part of the final living experience for the end user. Some examples include;

  • External services positioning and locations being inconspicuous yet accessible (i.e water meters and switchboards locations, hot water units positioning)
  • Internal services locations being fit for purpose (i.e data outlet positioning, lighting design, heating and cooling layouts)
  • Plumbing and bathroom fixture positioning and layouts working to end user requirements whilst achieving design intent (i.e tap positioning, towel layouts)
  • Joinery detailing to maximise space and practicality (kitchens, robes, shelving)

The above examples are just some of the design detailing principles which guide our work and our finished product, all of which make up the built for living difference you can expect from a Mavi Built home.